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Doing Magento Upgrade The Right Way From Community to Enterprise Level

magento upgradeLately, a tremendous rush is seen among online merchants willing to shift their online Magento store from Community to Enterprise edition. Previously there wasn’t much difference between the core features and functionalities of the two. However, with the passage of time, the Enterprise version comes packed with new features, PCI, improved architecture, Multi-storefront approaches, enhanced speed and more, offering you a competitive edge.

A great number of vendors have benefited from the community edition and have been confronted with the need to improve the scalability of their store, looking forward to the steep rise in the incoming traffic. So, if you want to get your store upgraded the easy way, it is best to get it done by a professional outsourcing company. This, in turn, will save you money as the task of customizing the community edition is no cake walk and cost incurred is sure to create a hole in your pocket.

Following steps are taken by the Magento experts when conducting Magento upgrade from Community to Enterprise level:

1) Detailed Assessment of the Current Environment : Upgrading to Magento Enterprise Edition is not as difficult as it appears to be and can be carried away smoothly and seamlessly if done in a systematic order.

 First of all what version of Magento Community Edition you are using must be found out. Next you need to identify and document the extensions or plug-ins you have installed on your instance.

2) Look Out for Core File Changes : Once you have made the necessary changes to your extensions lists and defined areas witnessing changes, the next thing to consider is, whether changes have been made to the Magento core files or not.

 Once the desired changes have been made to the core Magento files, it is highly recommended to take a backup of them as there is a strong likelihood that the upgrade might overwrite not all but some of the changes.

3) Testing And Deployment : Keeping in mind the end result testing and deployment must be carried away. As, at a particular instance of time you may not want to completely upgrade your production instance and might want both the instances to work in parallel, giving you a fallback option if something might go wrong.

Once the deployment is carried out, it is advisable to take a full backup of your production site. There is no need to take multiple backups if you run into issues on an early stage. With the development site in the place, you can plan out for testing.

4) Executing the Upgrade : Based on the assessment carried out in the earlier phases, you should now start to apply the upgrade package for extension or core file change management. If you are starting with 1.5.1 version, Magento upgrade to the current version would be relatively easy and effortless. Depending upon the number of extensions and volumes of changes, the process might take as little as few days to as more as few weeks and at times even months.

5) Testing, Validation and Revising : Once you think that the development instance is successfully upgraded, its time to execute the plan. First of all test the site’s functionality to confirm it matches the previously documented version. Next, perform validations that it is error free. Finally make sure that the extensions replaced, upgraded or removed work properly as expected after revision & necessary alterations.

6) Going Live: Before going live you need to do either of the two things:

  •  Either plan out for some minor downtime on the site
  • Stage a parallel EE production site with the upgraded software in place.

 It is always a good idea to reduce the Time to Live (TTL) time in advance on your DNS settings to speed up the implementation of the propagation changes as quickly as possible.

7) Post Deployment Support : This is one of the most underrated or overlooked aspects. Whenever changes are made on a massive scale, you might come across somethings that are unanticipated, or you happen to miss them somewhere in the process. In such scenarios, it is important that the technical staff be there to sort the matter out as quickly as possible.

So now with successful upgradation to Magento Enterprise, you are sure to reap countless benefits resulting into expansion of your business and increased ROI.

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