Advantages of upgrading to Magento2

What Do You Know About Magento 2 Upgrade?

Magento2 is a digital content management system acquired by Adobe specifically for e-commerce. As you might be aware e-commerce is an ever-growing industry which is extremely cut-throat in nature. It is important to maintain your e-commerce database in order to understand and utilize the data for your benefit. Magento2 is here for that very purpose. In this article, the main purpose is to throw light on the usefulness of Magento2 upgrade services for our readers and why they should jump on the Magento2 bandwagon. Magento2 is the future and it will become the best e-commerce solution.

Here is a list of advantages of using Magento2:-

1. Boost conversion and sales.

  • Magento2 will keep track of your complete database and helps you understand if your tactics are returning proper numbers or not.
  • Helps you provide high-quality video intros to catch the potential customer’s attention.
  • Provides smart search in 33 popular global languages which increases the average search speed and does not test the customer’s patience by giving fats results increasing customer satisfaction and directly affecting conversion rates.
  • Another aspect which can make your store lose that potential customer is the time wasted in the check-out section. Magento2 uses PayPal and promises one of the fastest checkout services.

2. Efficient business

  • The biggest factor in losing potential business opportunities is minor details like efficiency, even a little bit of slacking or tardiness can be detrimental.
  • Magento tools save time while managing everyday data.
  • Magento tools are highly user-friendly even new staff members can use them efficiently, thanks to the high-end GUI.
  • Proper segregation and management of products sold and available in the inventory which helps effectively get the product to a potential customer without any delay, as one misinformation can lead to a big miscommunication which can cause the customer moving on to your rivals.

3. More customizable options.

  • With the latest updates available, freedom provided to Magento users has been doubled. Now users can create customized themes to be hosted on their e-commerce website, for example depending on the season or a special offer you create a unique theme and keep on updating it throughout the year.
  • This gives a fresh look to the website and keeps visitors intrigued!
  • Another great thing about this feature is that Magento provides guidelines and tutorials to get the ball rolling for your company.

Magento is also available on your Smartphones across various Operating systems. This update will help users now target mobile devices and improve their services on this platform as well.

We spoke enough about Magento in general now let’s have a look at Magento version upgrade services.

Why should we upgrade from Magento1 to Magento2?

Many existing users are asking this question is it worth moving from Magento1 to Magento2, Here is a list of improvements that will help you make the decision.

1. Mobile-friendly

Magento 2 is way more suited for mobile phone interface than Magento 1. As the consumer numbers are increasing on the mobile platform, e-commerce industry will have to shift its attention in that direction in order to stay relevant. Its natural sellers would want to embrace a mobile-friendly platform.

2. Better suited to handle upgrades.

Magento1 was not that great at integrating updates. You must be aware of the constant updates arriving which fixes bugs or adds a small new feature, which solves a particular problem faced by users. Magento2 is capable of the faster integration process and we will see many more updates on this platform, whereas due to its inability Magneto1x is the end of the road for Magento1 series.

3. Full page caching.

  • Sound like some technical stuff, right? But it has importance. Through full page caching the website holds the HTML code instead of recovering it every time user makes a request for that page, this way the server load gets reduced and the website is able to run faster.
  • It might sound like some sophisticated thing holding not much importance, but its real value is known during a high traffic situation where a reduced load on the server can do wonders!

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As we near the end of this article, you readers must have understood the importance of Magento2 in the e-commerce sector, but one big question must have wrecked your mind. How to choose the best Magento2 service version to suit my business need? , do not worry MagentoGuys are here to help you overcome your dilemma. We are an up and coming Magento 2 development company specializing in providing e-commerce enterprises with the right advice regarding Magento2 by looking into their company profile, projections, and other essential factors in order to narrow down to the perfect version. We have a team of certified Magento developers who provide accurate solutions at prices which do not burn a hole in your budget.


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