Get the Best Performance, Using Magento 2 Performance Optimization Tricks and Steps

Magento is an eCommerce platform written in PHP. It is the most secure eCommerce platform having the number of paid as well as free extensions available.

What are the performance expectations of Magento 2?

When the people heard about Magento 2 platform, a lot of hopes started coming in the mind about how fast Magento will work, or what will be the best loading time in that. The hope arises as the new platform is using a lot of modern technologies that are useful for high-loaded systems. The popularity of Magento 2 was horrible in terms of slow in fixing bugs, in terms of slow in UX, in spite of all these facts, Magneto is still the best eCommerce platform for the users.

Magento 2 has some frustrations as well. They are as under:

  • Bugs issue
  • Its slowness in fixing those bugs
  • It is horrible when it comes about UX

Magento 2 never disappoints the users in terms of results:

To achieve the best performance, you will have to take into consideration, some of the techniques of Magento 2. They are as under:

Setting up Flat Catalog:

You have to test the configuration before you enable a flat catalog on the live store.

You have to follow two steps for that

  • Enable the flat catalog
  • Verify the results.

Various types of products are created under it:

  • Simple product
  • Grouped product
  • Configurable product
  • Virtual Product
  • Bundle product
  • Downloadable
  • Combine CSS and JS Files

You should merge CSS and JS files to reduce HTTP request.

For Javascript File, Follow the steps given as under:

Go to backend, Stores -> Configuration > Advanced > Developer > JavaScript Settings

Set Merge JavaScript Files to Yes

Set Minify JavaScript Files to Yes

For CSS File, Follow the steps given as under:

Go to backend, Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > CSS Settings

Set Merge CSS Files to Yes

Set Minify CSS Files to Yes

once you get finished, just click on Save Config and flush cache to activate the change.


Analyze your site speed first page loading time. A number of tools are available to measure the loading time of the site. Pingdom helps you to test the speed of the page, it gives you a brief summary and also suggestions to increase the speed.


Images add great value to your written content. It easily draws the attention of the user. It requires a lot of space and slows down the page load time. For this reason, it is best to optimize and compress the images before uploading them. Plugins are available that will automatically optimize and compress your images before you upload them.

  • Caching

In the backend go to the System > Cache Management.

You will find lots of caching alternatives to clean your Magento 2 cache.

Tick on Enable and then submit the choices which you require.

  • Implement Gzip Compression

It is very effective in reducing the size of the files while transferring from your site server to the visitor site. It is great in reducing the server load time. You can enable GZip by adding some lines of the code.

  • Decrease the use of Web Fonts

Webfonts are nowadays very popular in website designs. But they add Extra HTTP to the server and have a negative impact on the speed of page loading. You should choose only the required styles, include only those characters that are used on the site along with the modern format.

  • Reduce Redirects:

Website redirects create additional HTTP requests which have a negative impact on the performance of the website. keep them to a minimum or eliminate them entirely. First, you should recognize all redirects on your page by running a site scan. Screaming Frog helps you to quickly identify redirects.

  • Reduce plugins:

Plugins are very common, but they require various types of resources to run them. It increases the time of speed loading. Take a performance test to identify the plugins which are slowing down the website and try to remove them.

Why should you take this optimization seriously?

For having a successful website, Magento speed and all the other updates are necessary. In today’s life, nobody has much time to stay. It is seen that 47% of the people leave the site because of the loading time. The speed of the site is an inevitable factor that should not be avoided. You have to optimize it for better performance. Magento performance optimization makes the checkout very less irritating.

Take into account all the considerations to attract more and more potential customers easily.

You will have a great experience by hiring a Magento web development company.

Key Points to Consider Before Choosing The Best Magento Agency

For getting the best Magento 2 performance you can take the help of Magento Agency.

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