How Can Marketers Use Mobile Devices in the Best for Their Retail Business?

How Can Marketers Use Mobile Devices in the Best for Their Retail Business

As the age of mobile shopping has already started, smartphones will be associated with around 33% of the overall retail transactions in the current year. Still for the majority of retailers, mobiles continue to be the most difficult channels for cart conversion and customer acquisition. Despite around 50 % of the web traffic comes from the mobile devices, the conversion rates are lower than the purchases done through native or desktop applications. The marketers and retailers need to work hard to to get effective eCommerce marketing solution in the modern era.


Progressive Web Apps or PWAs, is the secret weapon which has already redefined the mobile experiences as well as revolutionized the brand interactions using mobile devices by helping shopping quicker, more personal and more engaging. Progressive Web Apps utilize contemporary web browser abilities called service workers for delivering app-like experiences to the users.

Progressive Web Apps influence service workers to obviously improve general points of frictions in the mobile experiences as well as help in creating extraordinary experiences on the board. The PWAs also assure to provide a huge impact on the cart and traffic conversion, whereas also easing the higher investment costs related with developing the native apps.

Let go through how can marketers use mobile devices in the best for their retail business?

Quicker Delivery with Smoother Browsing

Mobile experiences are slow and gummy. The most regular complaints from the mobile shoppers consist of slower loading time, complex site navigation and low image quality. These problems force even the most committed shoppers as well as brand supporters to abandon the carts. Research says that if your site takes more than 3 seconds for loading, you might lose 50% of your inbound traffic! Mobile users are expecting at-least similar experience to the desktop or in-apps.


Magento 2 speed optimization helps the marketers in matching this expectation by providing quicker page loading time with smoother navigation and scroll than the mobile websites. In addition, you could easily provide engaging content to your mobile website like rotating videos, images and more. PWAs allow the customers to search offline during the conditions of poor network. Therefore, for shoppers that want to browse their commute, the minute under the tunnel won’t push you to reload the webpage.

Get Extensive Mobile Audience

Usually, shoppers visit a website from their mobile phones before doing any purchase and that why PWAs are very important for reaching new customers.

PWAs are instantly serviceable and discoverable through any browser as well as don’t need a buyer to install or download an app before using that has been the main barrier for entering for a lot of online brands. The shoppers require to open their chosen web browser and type the URL. Marketers could also inspire users to download the native apps and jointly work with new Progressive Web Apps.

The majority of shoppers wish to browse the mobile websites and they don’t want to waste time downloading apps, so PWAs have become the finest option for the marketers with easy and immediate discovery as well as an opportunity for further engagement.

And when the user finds your website, it could be saved to your home screen helping quick access without the requirement to open a browser to type the URL. Progressive Web Apps let you send the related push notifications just like an app.

Contextualization of All Interactions Via Push Notifications

A thrilling proposition for the online marketers is that Magento mobile optimization supports browser push notifications which means that brands can simply re-engage shoppers through real-time and personalized communications. It means marketers will have a new way of communication with the shoppers as well as they can notify them about the shipping or delivery news, price reductions or new discounts.

Get Conversion & Revenue through Cart


From the marketer’s point of view, Magento 2 upgrade service means easier discovery, smoother shopping, and superior experiences which can result into more mobile conversions and revenue increase. All the key brands like Uber, Pinterest, Lancôme, West Elm, and Forbes have already made huge investments in Magento 2 to increase the mobile website performance. Forbes has experienced 50% better page load time while West Elm and Lancôme have 9% and 17% increase in the revenue respectively!

Magento 2 provides significant advancements in your web through PWAs, just like the evolution came five years before when RWD (Responsive Web Design) made the websites usable through mobile. Whereas Progressive Web Apps might seem like the dreamy technology for the future, giant companies like Google are putting great efforts over the last few years for making it much more easier to get the websites run better. PWAs are without doubt the key for reaching more and more mobile shoppers and it also has a proven track record for having better experiences for the consumers with increase in conversion rates, client satisfaction and profits. Hire Magento remote developers India for professional Magento 2 services.

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