Magento 2 Development Process

Magento 2 Web Store Development Process

In an era of multi-faceted online business needs, it leads to the creation of magento website development process. MagentoGuys imbibe innovative and unique methodologies to implement the complete system of development which has Magento as the main part of. We employ Magento 2 development process and its methods which is latest and modern version of Magento in the numerous projects that we undertake, we make your business survive and win the competition of the modern online business world.


As a Magento e-commerce development company, MagentoGuys offers online store design and development services to clients from all over the world from different business segments. We provide equal dedication and highest standard of work quality from small to big projects, for us every client is valuable. Creativity with professionalism is our unique characteristic that makes your eCommerce website a winning entity attracting more and more buyers to your website. We have a pre-defined Magento store development process that we follow to make sure that quality is not compromised at any stage.

Before making any website live, the Magento website has to go through a series of strategic development processes. We would let you know the exact details to understand the step that goes behind development of a full-fledged and functional Magento store. In order to develop a scalable, effective and flexible website, we follow specific and sequential order of Magento store development process, which is as follows:

1. Discovering why the Magento website is needed by the client

  • Our expert team of Magento consultants scans your existing website and identity the loopholes that are hampering your business growth. After identification, we design and develop perfect Magento store that yields the desired results.
  • To excel in any business, you need to know your competitors. We perform a competitive analysis of your business and evaluate your position. Thereafter craft a plan to excel in the present situation through our Magento website development process.
  • Our work module strictly adheres to goal identification and the deadline. We set practical goals and ensure they are met on-time. Setting business objectives makes work more motivating for developing an ecommerce store.
  • We believe in work transparency and open communication. Hence we provide our clients the chance to communicate their expectations to our team and be a part of every stage of online store design and development process.

2. Coming at a proper strategy

  • Before arriving at a decision to how to develop your ecommerce store, our expert team of Magento Designers and Developers discuss your project in detail and come-up with the best and right strategy that would work for your business.
  • Depending upon our clients’ ecommerce store requirements we would pick and filter all possible methods and pick the best Magento website development process that fits the bill.
  • We believe in providing extended support to our clients till they achieve the desired output. Expert team at MagentoGuys offers solutions right from design to back-end support.

3. Arriving at specific plan of action

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  • We start the project after creating a blueprint of how should your Magento web store design process should take place. This has led to better outputs and 100% success rates.
  • We work on according to set goals and deadlines for each step.

4. Presenting the Magento website objective in a strategic manner

  • We deliver work with creation of customer archetypes that depicts the wide range of your customer base. These archetypes are connected with your Magento website and hence optimize its complete potential.
  • We conduct a mockup to see the entire look and test the functionality of each web page. Lots of factors like the content arrangement, interface elements, site navigation, etc are tested to see everything is perfect.
  • Magento website design created by our designers are unique and such that it compliments the basic essence of your business. We take care of minutest details like link placement, call to action buttons, color schemes of each web page, etc. so that your ecommerce store provides a pleasurable shopping experience to the customers.
  • We make sure that our Magento store development process increases your online store’s interactivity and lead to better visitors’ traffic. The user experience would be memorable for your buyers and its going to be fantastic.

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