Magento Platform is helping B2B Market Internationally

Magento has been evolving as the leader when it comes to giving B2B market international exposure. It is helping the B2B market to expand globally. Around 93% of B2B buyers find online purchasing easy as they get different options to order the products from the vendors.

Distributors & manufacturers prefer Magento platform as it helps them create better consumer experience for the buyers and also enables them to make most of Magento flexible system to customize almost anything on the system to carry out a seamless order flow to suit their business needs.

This flexibility helps the B2B market reach global markets easily.

Magento is the true leader

Magento has supported plenty of e-commerce websites internationally and thus remains the most preferred platform in the B2B market as per the survey conducted in 2015.

Magento is beyond just normal software that offers basic or extended features. Magento actually is a powerful open source ecosystem that gives a new perspective to B2B clients.

Talking about Magento Enterprise Edition, it comes with a powerful set of effective APIs which makes the entire process of external business integration easier into your business to match your business needs.

The Magento ecommerce services have noticed that their clients understand how well the Magento system performs when it comes to match their business needs and how it delivers what is expected by B2B buyers.

Matches the changing preferences of B2B buyers

With time the preferences of B2B buyers are changing. With the introduction and heavy usage of the iPhone for even online shopping, better ways to engage the vendors is what is given importance to.

The businesses do not want to call to check the inventory, wait for a longer time to get the report, they do not wish to exchange email spreadsheets to place an order.

Now the fax machines are also not in use. Everyone wants a faster system that is convenient too and gives their customers a flawless buying experience. They want an organized system that can take care of their everyday business without spending much time. They want everything in a few clicks. The best part is Magento offers everything they need.

Systematic approach for B2B companies

The Magento development company also claims that Magento provides a transparent system ahead for all B2B companies who wish to give a modern look to the customer experience and simply the entire buying process.

Magento comprises of all-in-one cloud system which is powerful as well as built-in B2B feature that helps transform the process digitally and the system is cost effective too.

Features that make Magento a leader for the B2B market

Business-ready functions

The Magento e-commerce services suggest the Magento Commerce platform as it contains everything required to manage your B2B e-commerce site for say channel partners, multiple brands or crucial accounts.

The Magento customization services help design the perfect Magento site for your B2B business. The site allows your customers to handle the company accounts easily and individually. They can set up multiple lines of buyers and assign them specific permissions and roles. It becomes easy for the customers to monitor and keep track of the quotes, check order history details and monitor credit online without the need to call the support team and invest time.

Flawless Ordering

Magento helps increase your sales with the help of easy purchasing options. It is easy for buyers to place orders online faster with the help of feeding in SKUs, upload CSV files or just selecting items via already set lists.

The sales team can easily help the customers in placing orders on their behalf. They respond to their online quote requests promptly with the help of tools that help in quote management.

Custom Catalogs & Pricing

It certainly becomes easy to customize the whole online experience when you get the feature to allow custom catalogs as well as price lists to your customers. Also, you can attain content and work on segment promotion.

The Magento e-commerce services will also integrate customized payment options for the customers to increase sales and flexibility. They will also get assistance for payments dealing with credit cards, accounts or any other payment method.

Organized Order Management & Inventory

The Magento 2 development agency offers a single solution that facilitates enhanced operations that let you manager orders coming via different sales channels.

The Magento e-commerce services help customers to get the real-time inventory with accurate records, from their supply chain make use of an automated business system to maximize the requirement costs as well as delivery times.

Device compatible Experiences

Now shopping can be done from almost anywhere and everywhere with smartphones.

The B2B business owners let their Magento Development Company know that they want to increase customer engagement by making their portal mobile friendly. They know it helps users place their orders anytime they wish to and their sales staff can also process orders from their devices upon getting orders online.

Magento certainly offers the opportunity to increase sales through B2C-tested merchandising, promotional efficiency and content management. It helps your brand create their unique identity among its competitors.

Incredible Management along with smooth Integration

Magento provides reliable and highly efficient user experience with minimal investment and affordable maintenance costs.

Magento Commerce 2.2 assists multiple B2B/B2C websites via a similar platform that offers perfect management and incredible experience consistently over multiple customer segments, locations, and product lines.

Magento platform is flexible enough to help companies meet any business requirement and run even the complicated business processes smoothly.

Intense competition

There is intense competition among B2B industries due to the digital transformation that is happening on an ongoing basis. Here, Magento supports companies to stay ahead with the help of B2B-prepared cloud solutions along with global network strategies and execution experts.

                                        Kick-Start Your Business With Magento Store Customization

Magento is certainly a reliable, scalable and highly secure platform for the B2B marketers. It cuts down a lot of time spent by sales workers to accomplish complex business operations like a collection of order information, calculation related to prices/discounts, meet deadlines, etc. Magento offers an amazing platform that leaves no rooms for errors and with fewer or no mistakes you can easily generate more revenues for your business.

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