Magento 2: How to Get Guest Email Address in Checkout?

You can get guest and customer other information in your custom js like customerinfo.js in Magento_Checkout/js/model/quote:

function ($,Component,quote,placeOrderAction) {
'use strict';
return Component.extend({
defaults: {
template: 'Company_Module/custompayment/form_template'
getEmail: function () {
if(quote.guestEmail) return quote.guestEmail;
else return;
getLastName: function () {
return quote.billingAddress().lastname;
getFirstName: function () {
return quote.billingAddress().firstname;
getAddress: function () {
return quote.billingAddress().street[0]+", "+quote.billingAddress().postcode+" "+quote.billingAddress().city+", Maroc";
getPhone: function () {
return quote.billingAddress().telephone;
You can get guest's email id without login in checkout page, use avobe code.
Through this process you will able to gather customer's info which is improve your conversions.
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