Optimize Magento Admin Panel for Maximum Speed And Performance

The most widely used eCommerce platform by the people in today’s trimmings is Magento. It is highly scalable as well as a flexible platform that provides the freedom to the users to create anything as per their own wish.

There are a  number of extensions that can be used as well as it has the flexibility to create a number of extensions also.

Apart from nice designs, best themes as well as useful popups, there are few different things which should also be considered. Now the time has gone when the people were having patience.

A person visiting the website takes no more than 5 seconds to assume anything about the website. Their frustration leads to fewer sales and bad experiences. It is very important to note that the speed of the website will have to consider above all the other factors.  Poor performance is the most frequent complaint received from store owners and developers.

Do you want to speed up Magento 2? In this article, we will share some expert tips for Magento performance optimization and Optimization of the Magento Admin Panel for Maximum Speed And Performance. Make sure to take a back-up before you begin working on your website. Optimization is a tricky business. There are various Magento 2 agencies for that. What will you do to Speed up the Magento admin panel?

  1. Delete the outdated products
  2. Optimize Your Magento Theme and Media
  3. Optimize CSS
  4. Delete unused extensions
  5. Flush the cache
  6. Reindexing
  7. Merge Javascript and CSS Files
  8. Tune-up the database

Delete the outdated products

It is for sure that any store with too much data in the frontend as well as in the backend will make the store slows down. A clean store is an effective store. If you regularly add the products and don’t delete the old ones, the store will start loading slowly due to too much product data. To make the Magento admin panel faster, you will have to remove the unused products. Every time make sure to remove the unwanted as well as unused products.

Optimize Your Magento Theme and Media

Themes play an important part in the website’s loading time. Heavy the themes, longer the load time. Even if you have a fast internet connection, still the website will load slowly if you have heavy themes.

If you have also had a problem of site load due to heavy themes, you have two options:

  1. To change the theme
  2. To make the old theme lighter

Make sure that the images you are uploading are not having a too big size. For example, if you can use a 250 x 250 image, don’t go for 500 x 500.

If you have downloaded large images, you can minify them.

Optimize CSS

CSS optimization is the process of minimizing your markup as well as your CSS files and that is used for maximum speed. Optimizing involves removing whitespaces, cutting the comments as well as embedding codes with SSI.

The steps for CSS optimization are as under:

Minify CSS

Put CSS at top and JS at bottom

Splitting CSS files

Reduce Whitespace

Document your code

Avoid CSS Hacks

Delete unused extensions

Every time delete the unused extensions for reducing the load time. When you will not use the extension, you will think about disabling the same, but it will just increase the database which will increase the load time. The simple thing is just to delete the unused extensions.

Flush the cache

There are varieties of caches and to clean them regularly is very important. Many times we do the changes on the website, but we are not able to view them, clearing the cache helps in this. You will have to Go to the System > Cache Management to see the different cache clearing options.

Select the cache and click the submit button with a refresh action.


Indexing is a way to optimize the performance of a database.

The website experience slow performance when you save a product and that is because of reindexing. Every time you save a product, the backend starts to reindex, as well as it will take some time to complete. This causes unnecessary delays.

Merge Javascript and CSS Files

In Magento, there is a facility to merge CSS and javascript together into a compressed file. This will make the content retrieved by one HTTP request. This will increase the speed of the website as well as improve its performance.

Tune-up the database

Database performance is necessary to increase the speed of the website. Growing data volumes and ever-changing workloads have makes it compulsory. you can simply use a tuner script to Tune-up the database.

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