Magento is a widely used E-commerce platform. If anyone thinks about creating or building its business website the first thing that immediately pops up in mind is the platform on which he or she is going to build. Among the most famous platforms, Magento is the best. Magento is the most reliable as well as scalable platform widely used nowadays. It offers the users to create the store with all the needed customization. Thousands of stores have been launched on Magento. Magento is the most feature-rich E-commerce platform. Magento Store development requires a lot of things to know. Magento has a lot of Extensions inbuilt. Customization is the best feature of Magento. Online business is not an easy task, it is the same as maintaining a physical store. You will have to keep the store updated, whether it is physical or it is an online store.

Magento is having two editions, they are

  • Magento Community Edition: To get the program code for free this edition of Magento is used. It is free of charge open-source eCommerce platform.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition: This is the paid edition of Magento for those who believe that community edition is not enough for them. This is mostly used by big businesses.

Just like any other platform, there are various pros and cons of it.

They are explained as under:


SEO Friendly

Magento SEO Services- The Best Option to Increase Sales

SEO is used to increase website ranking. It helps you to bring your website at the top on the google search engine. To stand in the competition, it is very important that you are having an SEO friendly website. For your success in online business, consider SEO as the most important part. Magento offers built-in Magento SEO features that enable you to alter and optimize elements of your page, such as page header and meta tags.



Magento has too many out of the box features. It performs ahead of all the platforms when it comes to the features. Various features of Magento are Order Management, customer service, analytics, and reporting. Magento 2.3’s release has come with the new update of supporting a wide range of currencies, various price tags as well as supports multiple warehouses.

Mobile FriendlyHow Can Marketers Use Mobile Devices in the Best for Their Retail Business?

In this world of smart technology, people have changed the means to shop, nowadays mobile phones, tablets as well as computers are used to shop. While the most used among all of these is the mobile phone. The customers are going to view your products on the mobile. Magento provides its user with all the mobile-friendly features.

A large community of users

Magento is one of the most used e-commerce platforms among the famous ones. The Magento Community has more than 360,000 forum members, 8,000 certified developers, 5,900 contributors, and 1,150 partners. As there are a lot of Magento users, many extensions, as well as plugins, are developed.


Magento is a scalable platform, the number of items you are selling doesn’t matter. Magento can deal with the increased products on your website easily. Magento is a highly scalable platform. If you have a small startup and you are going to increase your scope, Magento will not be a hindrance in your growth.



There are two versions of Magento, one is a community version, while the other is enterprise version. The community version is free, while the enterprise is very costly. Highly experienced Magento developers are also charging high. So the cost increases if you go with all the advanced features in Magento. Thus, it is Expensive.


There are lots of customizations that are available in Magento. It is having very high loading time. If you decide on Magento upgrade or to change the platform to Magento, it will take much time to import the data. The community version is slow but the enterprise, as well as the premium versions, are fast which are expensive.

Few developers

What Skills are Required to be a Professional Magento Developer?

There are many developers of Magento, but the experts are hard to find. The developer should have immense knowledge of the software as well as highly capable of all the customizations. From the number of developers, one has to select the genuine ones.


Magento cannot be hosted on any platform, it needs a dedicated server always. You should select that server in which you have extreme knowledge or your developer is having. Magento has a limit to host. It can also be run on normal hosting, but it doesn’t perform well.


You will have to make sure that you consider all the pros and cons before you decide to select your platform. If you are planning for a large business, you can consider Magento. It is the most famous platform. Decide as per your requirements.

Magento Guys are all ready to help you if you select Magento as your platform!!

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