Switching to Magento Commerce 2 to Witness Growth in Revenue

Undoubtedly, Magento Commerce is amongst the effective and result in oriented e-commerce platforms that exist in the market today. Now that Magento 1 versions support is soon going to end, the retailers should think about Migrating to Magento 2 from older version Magento 1. The switch will automatically enhance the store performance and offer better security than its earlier version. You can’t ignore the array of benefits connected to switching to Magento 2 which also includes witnessing the growth in revenues, higher conversion rate, and enhanced traffic to your site.

Happy Customers of Magento commerce 2

Well, the customers who hired Magento development company and with their assistance switched to Magento Commerce 2 have already found it to be a cost-effective platform when it comes to creating new content like product launches, landing pages, etc.

The user-friendly interface of Magento helps merchandisers as well as marketers to manage content, create content and enable more customized content. This becomes more valuable with the Page Builder feature.

Magento Commerce extensions offer more features that improve the efficiency of the store. Apart from greater efficiency as compared to its earlier version customers saved nearly 91% while they purchase or execute the Magento Commerce 2 extension.  This is because the functionality that comes with Magento 2 commerce lets you save time and reduce costs that you would have spent otherwise on logistics, shipping, marketing automation, secure payment, etc.,

The features embedded in Magneto 2 commerce are brilliant and it gives you the environment wherein you can use a range of customization features and extensions that make your store attractive and efficient too.

According to a recent study, those who have shifted to Magento Commerce 2 from  other platforms in competition, the reasons they give for shifting to Magento was primarily because of its customization features that help them meet their specific business needs

Customers even claimed that they could reap in the benefits of Magento Commerce 2’s user-friendly functionalities like

  • Content development
  • Multi-site features
  • Local B2B feature
  • Easy to understand security standards.

If you are someone who is still using Magento 1 but looking to switch to Magento 2 then they should consider hiring professional and experienced Magento 2 Development Company who can assist them in analyzing their business needs and prepare the migration process flawlessly. They should be experienced enough to migrate the processes and data of your e-store, document important features to set up the functionality to meet your business needs that arise in the future too.

Apart from the freedom to create content, manage content, designing, customization of the store, switching to Magento Commerce 2 also helps you accelerate the revenue for your business.  It shoots the order value and enhances the site traffic as well as site conversion rates.

Benefits of moving to Magento 2

Magento Commerce 2 certainly has excelled in terms of performance and usability. It offers a range of features like

  • Improved backend admin panel
  • Perfect UX along
  • Transparent interface for the admin users
  • An improved local frontend
  • Additional local features
  • Improved B2B functionality

Faster as compared to Magneto 1

Magento 2 sites are basically 20% faster as compared to Magento 1, Thanks to the site speed and improvements made to overall performance. Also, thanks to the smooth checkout process plus mobile responsive sites to watch out for on mobile devices.

How to Improve Magento Ecommerce Site Performance for Rocket Speed for Huge Sales?

Should I move to Magento 2?

This may be a common question that you may need an answer to. Well, shifting to any new platform should be based on the analysis done on your business needs and how the platform is going to help you with your business goals.

Before you invest in any platform online you need to plan and evaluate everything properly based on your business needs. A detailed understanding of what you need for your business and what the platform is going to offer you can help you get ROI on your digital investment.

You need to focus on the analysis and evaluation before you come to any prime decisions for choosing any e-commerce platform. As you need to be convinced that the platform would help you head with the right approach, meet your requirements and succeed in implementing the project.

These factors would help any organization measure the project requirements and whether or not there is a need for an upgrade. Apart from that pointing out the weaknesses that exist with the current platform, required features to correct them, efforts that need to be taken and the budget to be considered, etc

benefits of magento

Once you are clear with the factors mentioned above you will find yourself in a better position to move ahead.

As far as the budget is considered, make sure you work out an estimate as accurate as you can so that you will get a fair budget.

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