Tips While Choosing The Best Open Source Ecommerce Platform

When you are in need of selling online, you need to pick up the eCommerce platform which is one of the premium steps that you need to take on the journey as a business person. In this fast pacing digital world, it is much important to have an online business platform for your brand or service.

When you will compare different eCommerce software, it gets hard for selecting useful one as there are some differences in performances and features which can have a huge impact on your brand and online visibility. You must go for a rich open source eCommerce platform which is known for its high-end SEO performance, speed, load time and other features.

High speed is necessary

Here, you can learn as which platform can meet all needs and can perform greatly. This is the reason; you really need to take care of some factors as performance, scalability and business model. In the eCommerce world, speed is the money. When after every second the site takes time in loading, it is going to really cost you.

As per the experts or eCommerce specialist, most of the customers want the online sites to get loaded within three seconds or even less. The minimum load timing of the top eCommerce sites is around 10 seconds. As per the research, the loading time for all average sites is just 3.39 seconds and this makes a great difference.


In case, you are running a platform which is self-hosted then you can really optimize the same for speed. This takes effort and time both. Many of the sites which are self-hosted don’t bother at all, the average site of Magento takes around 5 seconds. Secondly, the prices can also be one issue. Optimization of speed is not cheap and takes time.

Your solution which is out of the box can also offer good speed for loading and can act as a secret weapon in the arsenal of eCommerce. Similarly, the speed performances are important which determines how well sites around are performing. If you are the one who sells customized products as wall decals, the engraved jewels, then you need the fields of custom product for the customization.

Managing a wide inventory of different products is equally important. Well, all these platforms can allow you for,

  •    Opening an online store in less time
  •    Accepting the basic online payment types
  •    Boosting the presence of the online site

Selecting the best builder of an eCommerce site is important as many of the eCommerce innovations are taking place. There are some strongest ones available which can boost up the start-ups around and can help in growing business. They offer all entrepreneurs’ best bang at affordable prices. Many of the other software options are available. The mission is for selling online and even simple or fast way.

The WordPress plugin, the rigid structures of URL, ranking performance which is weak can be your major concern to switch to a good open source eCommerce platform. In case, you are savvy about WordPress, then you can also switch to the similar type of platform online. Most of them do their best jobs.

The attractive features

When you will have a look at the rich platforms of e-commerce and will start tallying up all features, the results at the end can be really mind-boggling. Even make sure that the platform can handle well all your business models. You also have to be sure that the online platform is delivering the right features that you have identified as important for all entrepreneurs of e-commerce.


The “Must have” features

  •    Fastest web hosting
  •    The best SEO tools for bulk editing & SEO suggestion for e-commerce ranking, URLs, metadata which can be customized, sitemaps
  •    An exact search of a product
  •    The ability to send the abandoned emails on the cart
  •    Mobile friendly
  •    Blogs
  •    Discount and coupon compatibility
  •    Integrated reviews and ratings
  •    Multiple numbers of photos along with the capability of zooming

If you are the one who is whiz tech, then you don’t have to be much concerned with such features that they heavily weight. You must keep in mind that you have to spend some good time to work on the profitable areas for making your business grow, otherwise you might lose money.

Some of the additional features

You can have these additional features which act as the part of eCommerce innovations.

  •    The ability to handle the recurring orders of product and subscriptions
  •    The integration of drop-shipping
  •    The ability to sell customized products
  •    Amazon integration
  •    The tracking of real-time shipping
  •    The ability to sell all customized products
  •    Ease of usage

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