Ultimate Step by Step Guide of Ecommerce SEO & Online Marketing

“In 2017, 46.8% of the global population accessed the internet and by 2021 this figure is projected to grow to 53.7%.”

“The most important SEO metrics that play role in sales are

eCommerce SEO Online Marketing

  • Direct Website Visits
  • Time on Site
  • Pages per Session
  • Bounce Rate
  • Total Referring Domains
  • Total Backlinks
  • Content-Length
  • Keywords in Title
  • Keywords in Meta
  • Keywords Density

– all these together affect SERPs.”
The purpose of every business website is to push selling of its services and products. E-commerce websites forward this one step ahead by allowing website visitors to buy products without human intervention required.

In the modern world when the internet has become ubiquitous, an online marketing consultant can do a lot more than field salesperson of the 20th century.

What is SEO?

SEO is a mix of arts and science.  SEO allows your website to rank top on the 1st page of search engine result pages(SERPs).  Here, a concern is keywords, that is, the website should be ranked for relevant & highly searched or easy words which people enter at the search bar. Ranking for dozens of irrelevant or difficult to remember words cannot bring desired visitor landing on your site; rather it frustrates visitor experience.

There are multiple SEO techniques that any search engine optimization company or search practitioners apply in order to display a business website on 1st SERP of Google, Bing and other popular search engines.

These SEO tricks are categorized as

White Hat SEO:

These are set of mechanisms that are allowed and recommended by Google so that prospects seeking similar things can find niche store and your products can become more visible to them Grey Hat SEO: There are certain hacks which are neither documented nor disallowed as per guidelines of major search engines. While they may result in rank boosting of a website with abnormally fewer efforts, are little riskier as Google can completely ban your or affiliate’s site from being displayed on Google at all.

Black Hat SEO:

These are clearly tweaks which are employed by SEOs with malicious intentions to rank top within a short period of time. Beware of SEO services company or SEO service provider offering such kind of program. It can be compared to a poisoned chalice that is good only at the beginning.


“It’s 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one.”

What is e-commerce SEO?

E-commerce search engine optimization is a unique beast. SEO for an e-commerce website is an extended form of search optimization program where site owners adjust page wise keywords for different categories and products.

It is excellent for web promotions. Streamlined TITLEs and META tags yield consistent and branded user experience that will be trusted and preferred by purchasers.

If you don’t want to delve into technicality and simply want to steer ahead for quick selling on the internet, e-commerce website builder tools are great that will serve this purpose. Examples are WiX, ShopNix etc. sites that allow SaaS-based website hosting services. Using easy-to-use interfaces on these platforms, you can skip hiring e-commerce SEO agency that provides e-commerce SEO services by adjusting SEO settings on your own.

E-commerce need of today’s business world

SEO is what businesses of all industries and sectors need at par.  And without it, you are at your wits’ ends. It doesn’t matter whether your shop is a one-roof room, a sizable area of soil or a multinational company with offices in many countries.

Google is equally disposed to all.
Its aim is to primarily display an only relevant list of ventures which are highly recognized and appreciated in their field of operating with appreciations from multiple sources.

Therefore, no matter the size, all entities are treated identically. This way, each individual globally, can perform well while competing with SMBs by online reputation that itself gets more customers.

To conclude, if you don’t do SEO, your business simply lies at a corner of the popular marketplace that is bereaved from eyes of people.

“72% of e-commerce purchases are still made on desktop computers.”

However, persuading SEO is good but the crux of the matter is in traversing upward in the position and that demands intelligent efforts for months. It is a gamut of keywords.

E-commerce SEO suggestions

To help you start swiftly, I have compiled a quick list of eCommerce techniques. Follow these simple rules and you will be able to tread the path of progress.

ecommerce seo suggestion

Allocate at least 20% of the budget for SEO

We all know well that marketing success is a business success. A large number of backlinks brought from high DA and PA sites which are pointing back to self-website does not happen as an overnight miracle.

You ought to observe micro and macro level SEO metrics every week after adding and optimizing a certain number of search-related settings. You should try your hands on reliable clickstream package like Google Analytics or Adobe Site Catalyst that provides immense insights into what is happening after visitors enter landing page.

Although hiring SEO staff, paying salaries and making endeavors do not guarantee conversions, they aren’t wastage of time or money. Word of mouth discovery to such a vast audience isn’t possible through any other alternative medium.

2. Pick The Right or The Most Widely Used E-commerce Platform

Don’t utilize close source software.
Most widely adopted framework means easy to find and economic rate of labor. My bets are WordPress and Magento – which are just the best and time-tested. I have a preference for on-premise hosting over SaaS-based subscription. But you can gauge for yourself.

Certain E-commerce platforms such as OpenCart does not permit 360-degree flexibilities to exercise over SEO parameters of a website. Analyze and elect genre that has full SEO options.

3. Hire The Best E-commerce SEO Service Provider

Approach pre-plan over the catastrophic event. Choose experienced, responsible firm that has outperformed in a huge number of SEO campaigns in the past. Transparent SEO practitioner always provides detailed reports related to rankings keywords search volume of keywords & CTR. Any standard SEO agency helps to generate quality content that is liked, shared and hypes your business in ways. Often, cheap SEO packages although can deliver the same amount of work, it won’t guarantee expected results.

4. Keep a laser focus on your competitors

ecommerce seo services to grow business

To become triumphant, a business owner has to render 5-star customer service. And to maintain top-rated customer support, your business should not lag behind in any aspect than competitors. With help of tools like SEMRush, BuzzSumo, it is not difficult to single out immediate next-previous vendors providing similar services in nearby or far-flung areas. This is just one way to unhide competitors. Alternatively, you can type in focus search queries one by one at Google search console for which you want the website to position high. This will automatically reveal top competitors.

Look into their website, identify unique, call-to-action sections, and see how same can be tantamount in your web pages.

5. Website Content

In E-commerce SEO, quality content is the king. Learn to write catchy, easy-to-digest and short descriptions. Today, people hardly spend much time on single site or page unless there is no other similar source for information available on the internet. In the ECommerce context, putting out pixel-perfect images of products is in the vested interest of any site owner. Content includes every type of digital data, video, audio, infographics, images etc. that must be present on your website so that search crawlers can print them On SERPs.

Finally, Adding more content is beneficial only when it is fresh.

MagentoGuys provides E-commerce SEO services for generating exaggerated site traffic, site popularity and high SERP rankings for retail, small and large sites.

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