What Skills are Required to be a Professional Magento Developer?

With the popularity and performance that Magento has gained over the years, more and more e-commerce site owners are shifting to Magento for which they are looking forward to hiring professional Magento 2 Development Company.

As the demand for Magento is increasing day by day each Magento development company is now looking to hire an expert Magento 2 developer to meet the client’s requirement.

While there are so many developers out in the market who are easily available to manage your store, it is recommended that you need an expert to manage your e-store.

The article will explain the skills required to be a professional Magento Developer.

Prior Experience in Magento is a must

It is important to have prior Magento experience that you must have worked with Magento in the past.

As Magento is a complex platform and there are many elements involved an expert Magento developer needs to be well versed with front and back end process, 3rd party plugins along with theme development, etc.

Eagerness and Passion

These two aspects are important while dealing with technical projects.

Yes, eagerness to learn and passion about bringing in results is what makes the Magento developers stand out from the rest. The passion to improve and deliver desired results is essential and these two qualities help the Magento developer master the development skills.

Knowledge of PHP is a key skill to be considered

PHP is basically the essential programming language utilized at the backed in Magento development and certainly, it is a must skill for the developer.

It is essential for online store owners to determine whether the Magento developer has and it’s also desirable that a person has past experience working with PHP. Apart from PHP language, the other things that a professional developer should know are

  • SQL
  • Database Design Principles
  • Basic design principles
  • Frameworks (any)
  • Object-Oriented Design Patterns

Extensions integration knowledge is necessary

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When you hire a Magento 2 developer make sure he should be well versed with different extensions available in Magento and also know how the integration of the extensions else you may end up investing in a Magento 2 development agency that is not worth paying.

Knowledge of JavaScript

Magento frontend uses JavaScript to function and hence it is a must programming language that a professional developer should be aware of. Also, any professional developer should also be familiar with the technologies listed below

  • RequireJS
  • jQuery and jQuery UI
  • UnderscoreJS
  • KnockoutJS

Skills related to custom CMS themes development

Magento stores use CMS software to some extent and thus any Magento 2 development company would hire a Magento developer who is aware of CMS software too

Knowledge of caching and databases

If you own an e-commerce store then the first thing you want is that your site page gets loaded within 3 seconds. The delay in page load can have negative effects on conversions.

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When it comes to a professional Magento developer he should be aware of the methods that optimize the site for better performance. One of the methods is via caching.

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